Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I haven't "blogged" in a bit. I'm sitting at work with NOTHING to work on, but 8 minutes and I can go home. I've had several health problems lately, and I'm sure some of them are directly related to the fact that I am slightly overweight. And rediculously unhappy with that. I found out I have high blood pressure, and I'm unhappy with that. Things have become very stressful at my house, and I don't quite understand why.
Matt and I were married on April 4th, at 1 pm. My cousin is holding our wedding pictures, for whatever reason. I can access them online, however, I can only buy prints of them. I can't share with myspace, or facebook, or relatives who didn't get to come. Which pisses me off. So I'm fixing to lose my cool there as well. I emailed him yet again today. Pretty soon I will be losing cool with him. All I want is the pictures that I feel I have a right to, considering he was paid money for it and I received no goods. I'm angry.
Corban has clinic again tomorrow, I know his weight will be an issue. We've been slacking on his cpt, but I think he may run and jump a bit for that. I have got to do better, for him. He deserves it. He hasn't gained anything since we were up there last, in fact I'm guessing he lost weight. He ran a fever today, and I fear we're looking at bronchitis or something.
Courtleigh's father will graduate from the Marine Corps on May 22nd, and Courtleigh will screen for Kindergarten. She graduated Pre-Kindergarten today. I'm SOOO excited for her to start Kindy, but so afraid of how well I will take her being in school all day long. I don't know if I'm ready for this. It makes me ACHE for another baby. Although right now it's not the time, and I know it's not. I just keep taking the pills and telling myself no. Suppress those thoughts and desires. Baby could have CF anyway.
I have come to the conclusion I really miss my friends. And the ones that I've had over the years just seem to fall away. I can name one that's been there since Kindergarten, and one that came around just in the last year. I'm glad she did though, cause she's a great friend, and was the best bridesmaid I had at my wedding. Considering the other wanted nothing to do with it, and admitted it to me, the MORNING of my wedding. :( Oh well.
Clock say 4 pm, eyes say get these contacts out, so I'm gonna get.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wedding jitters

April 4th is fast arriving. What do i have left you may ask? EVERYTHING. LITERALLY.

Anyway...yeah idk..

I wish I had more done. I get a little more done each day...Yet I keep thinking about more that needs to be done. Guest book will be a plate..totally untraditional but cute. Everyone will sign it. I'm making most of everything. Invitations included.
Memo: I need to organize the little thingy that tells you what's happening and who/what ya know...remember to tell me that.
AND...just to make this even shorter...i'm going home! But I leave you with a picture of teegan and kids...:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, Idk if I posted it yet. But a few weeks ago, I received another package from my SP! It was so cool. Was I think 7 or 8 skeins of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and a bottle of body cream/hand lotion from Bath and Body Work that was Enchanted Orchid. I LOVE IT! I haven't knitted with Cotton yet, but It will be GREAT for the #88 dish cloth I'm going to start! Its just the right color. I will try to get photos on here tonight, but since I'm at work, without my memory card, I hope Flickr will let me put them up here. I have gotten the order put in for the next package I will send to MY sp! Super Excited about that!! :)

My Christmas Gift arrived a month late! On Saturday January 24th, We welcomed home Teegan. A Yorkshire Terrier puppy. She is ADORABLE! I'm on the prowl for a pattern for a sweater for her, because the day we brought her home, a freakin' cold front came through and the poor little girl freezes when she goes potty. She's only 8 weeks old, so it's seemingly impossible to find a pattern for a teeny pup, and I'm not a professional, nor near intermediate knitter yet. Kelly says, maybe having to modify a pattern for my first sweater attempt won't be a good experience. I kinda have to agree. Anyway....Just remembered that I hadn't blogged about my SP package and I was excited about it!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

ramblings of a tired woman's mind

blah! Omg...things are CRAZY! My dad lost his job the week of Christmas..throwing my finances for a loop. HOLY COW! Our wedding plans are now changing..and Heaven knows where/how. We're moving to North Carolina sometime around May or so. I got the official go ahead to plan wedding for February 14th!! YAY! That would be awesome. Maybe I can pull it off. IDK though. money being tight I don't know what it will be like. I picked the dress, 100 bucks. that's awesome.
Kelly and I decided to do a KAL, and she's making a sweater/vest thing for her baby, and I'm making one for my kiddos teddy bear. So far I have about half the back done...but I don't seem to be getting anywhere on the arm holes...i just don't have the energy to do it tonight. Started a scarf for a friend, get about 1/3 done, and I'm like, Oh this is I junked it. And I was knitting two colors together, and had tried 3 seperate patterns...No matter how I tried it I couldn't get the colors seperated, and had to throw the whole skein away. (2 skeins really...but it's okay. they were on sale for cheap...I'm not too heart broken.) I know that's yarn abuse, but there was no hope for it! LOL! TERRIBLE! Anyway...I super need to start shopping for my SPs next gift! woohoO! Hope I make a good choice... I go, I better start working again

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You SP!!!!

I got a giftie from my SP! I got it On December 24th. GREAT DAY TO GET IT!!! I tell ya. Wrapped and all! I put it under my tree hehehehe. It was a scarf package. The yarn and instruction to make a BEAUTIFUL plume scarf. I can't wait to get all my wedding gifts knitted up so I can start it! Beautiful red yarn, now all I need is the red coat to match it. Looks like a shopping trip is in ORDER! HOORAY!!! I love it!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

life in general

So, I got an email that my SP got her package, and she liked it! Bonus!! I'm super excited! I can't wait to send another. Christmas is fast approaching. Things have been rough though..I did finally start knitting in the round...i love it! Corban's is having tubes put in on Wednesday, and then we have to start on his CF issues again. Cause I'm sure we're in for that soon again. Sickness being about it's bound to happen. Anyway...I hadn't written in a while so I thought I better just update. Hit up my ravelry profile and check out Corban's Beanie. I have a couple phone pics up.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I shipped out my first SP package today. I haven't done much knitting in the past two weeks. I can't really do it at home, because EVERYONE here is too immature to leave it alone. I expect it of my kids....however of my fiance I don't. Sometimes I want to kick him in the head. He can be so obnoxious. My job changed, so I do a lot more at work...and then come home earlier, so I'm better able to keep house..and spend time with the kids.
Corban cultured Psuedomonas Aeruginosa again, which could be a bad thing. We only have one of the antibiotics required, because his dr went on vacation a week early. So when they KNOW our insurance requires a Prior Authorization to get it, they still call it in and expect us to be on it. So I threw a fit. Yeah, imagine that. Me? Throwing a fit? Never! Yeah right. In any case, I did it. And I'm not sorry. I am sorry however, that Cystic Fibrosis doesn't FREAKING take Holidays. Must be nice for the dr's to get their week worth when their patients don't get any. Wonderful. Not even the PA can't authorize it. And that makes me VERY angry. I have wanted all week to go see my aunt who is in the hospital, but I'm terrified to go because Corban cultured the PA. And I would hate for him to get anything else from the hospital. Hopefully she'll get to go home tomorrow and next weekend I can go up there and visit.
A week from today is Corban's consult for his tubes. I hope that goes successfully, and we get them done within the next 2 weeks. Too much to deal with, his ears always being infected and him constantly being sick. anyway, back to cleaning and bathing i go.